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Our Shire Recipes

Oak & Coke

Oak & Coke

Our aged bourbon Shire Oak mixed with Coke.

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Shire Lemonade

Shire Lemonade

Shire Shine with Lemon Lime mix; oh so delicious

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Great Balls of Fire

Great Balls of Fire

Shire Fire with Lemon Lime mix, for the fire you desire!!!

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How We Did It

Meet The Team

Lynnie D’ Pooh Daher

Lynnie D’ Pooh Daher

/ Founder and Marketing /

strength: flawless approach with others, organization skills in brewing
weakness: can’t drink much
favorite music: Classic Rock & Country

Georgeous Daher

Georgeous Daher

/ Founder & President /

strength: enthusiasm, building client relationships, brainstorming fuel
weakness: peanuts
favorite music: Country & Western

Timo Raines

Timo Raines

/ Founder & Master Distiller /

strength: listen when the corn speaks, hardworking, smart, heavy drinker
weakness: Frisbee addict
favorite music: Country and More Country


Hand crafted spirits made in the Heart of Brookshire, TX. Our Distillery was founded in 2017 and our secret traditional recipes have been passed down from many generations. We produce a true batch handcrafted spirit that any distiller would drink themselves – it’s that good!

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Discounts on merchandise, able to attend private and V.I.P parties oh and yes you get to drink while volunteering. (up to four beverages per shift)