505 Bains ste 303,
Brookshire, TX 77423


  • Shire Fire

    Cinnamon Whiskey

    Infused with 100% natural Cinnamon, Red Peppers and Brown Sugar

  • Shire Oak

    Premium Bourbon Whiskey

    Aged in Oak Barrels for a smooth taste

  • Percheron

    French Oak Premium Bourbon Whiskey

  • Shire Ice

    Ultra Premium Vodka

    Proofed with the purest water

  • Karen’s Summer Drink

    Shire Ice Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Splash of Soda and a squeeze of Lime/ Refreshing

  • Oak & Coke

    Our aged bourbon Shire Oak mixed with Coke.

  • Best Bloody Mary

    Shire Ice or Shine, Bloody Mary mix then garnish with Celery, Pickle, Lime and an Olive. For an extra hot add a few dashes of Tabasco

  • Fire & Ice

    Shire Fire Cinnamon Whiskey Shire Ice Vodka, Tonic,Grenadine, Lemon garnish

  • El Pepino

    Shire Ice Vodka, Club Soda, Cucumber Slice and splash of agave

  • Great Balls of Fire

    Shire Fire with Lemon Lime mix, for the fire you desire!!!